Das Diamond-Dolls-Team

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Das Diamond-Dolls-Team

Beitragvon selli » 8. Apr 2012, 19:25

Hier werde ich baldmöglichst das Team der Diamond Dolls vorstellen.

Im Moment bin ich der erste Ansprechpartner, was dieses Forum angeht.
Ihr könnt euch aber natürlich jederzeit an alle Mitglieder des Forums wenden, wie schnell eine Antwort möglich ist, kann ich jedoch nicht sagen.

Liebe Grüße :)
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Beitragvon Balwant » 2. Mai 2014, 06:54

My first Moleskine was given to me by a great friend of mine in NYC, in 2005. I was gitteng back to Brazil and he came with those two beautiful notebooks: one small and another big Moleskine. Then this friend told me: This is for you. You will travel a lot in your life and you should write your memories here . About 6 years later and a bunch of cities and countries after, I always think of that moment as a special one. And, well, today I know my friend was absolutely right about my life.

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